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Santa Monica Snapshot: Tallula’s

This Memorial Day weekend would be a great time to check out what everyone is talking about at the newly open Tallula’s.  The location was previously home to Marix in the Santa Monica Canyon. The Restaurant is named after the owners Daughter, Tallula’s pronounced (Ta-lu-la). The staff is very friendly and love sharing fun facts about the restaurant. I just love all the vibrant… Continue Reading Santa Monica Snapshot: Tallula’s

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Santa Monica Dirt Roundup

Lots going on in Santa Monica! Topics that I wrote about before have circled back, some with major updates and others, not so major. Santa Monica airport- The FAA and the City have an agreement to close the airport officially in 2028.  The City originally wanted to cut the runway to only 2,000 ft but have settled with shortening it to 3,500 ft. The… Continue Reading Santa Monica Dirt Roundup

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