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The Dirt On Print

In today’s high-tech digital age I often get asked why we still use print marketing when selling homes.  It’s no secret our marketing team and partners love to use digital avenues but here are 5 reasons why I continue to market homes using print. Our demographic is incredibly dynamic. Selling homes North of Montana for over 20 years has taught me that the types… Continue Reading The Dirt On Print

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Santa Monica Embraces Technology: Smart Phone App Help...

Wish there was a way to get that pothole on your street fixed? Now there is and there’s an app for that. Sure we use our smart phones for work and entertainment, but now we can also use them to make our city a nicer place to live in. There is now a way for citizens  to connect directly to their city government through… Continue Reading Santa Monica Embraces Technology: Smart Phone App Helps to Improve City

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