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Zillow On The Ropes? The Dirt on iBuyers

Have you heard the expression “iBuyer”? The term can be used to mean “internet buyer” but more commonly it means “instant buyer”. The term was coined by companies like Zillow and Opendoor that use price modeling algorithms to value property and who will sometimes buy and quickly resell homes. The consumer draw to selling “iBuyer-style” is the relatively quick and easy turnaround for cash, in as little as 24 hours in some cases as there’s no need for repairs, preparing, staging, or showing the home. This can… Continue Reading Zillow On The Ropes? The Dirt on iBuyers

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Dirt on Income Property

In the beginning of the year I wrote about Santa Monica having the most expensive rent in the nation. The demand for rentals continues to rise and available rentals, especially units priced less than $5,000 are leasing very quickly. The Los Angeles Times wrote about a study done by Zillow that a 5% rental price increase could cause a spike in homelessness if more… Continue Reading Dirt on Income Property

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The New Market

 The Following Article is from the Summer 2010 Newsletter We have entered a new era of real estate.  We have a new world economy, new banking guidelines, potentially new tax ramification for homeownership, new expectations from buyers and sellers alike, new communication and marketing technologies and a new breed of real estate agent.  When you mix it all together what effect is it having… Continue Reading The New Market

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